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Venture Capital Consulting ProcessVenture Capital Consulting has a six-step venture readiness process that we use to manage our client engagements. The people behind Venture Capital Consulting have tremendous industry experience that has been developed over the last 20 years. Let's face it obtaining funding is a sales process and utilizing Venture Capital Consulting's years of sales techniques to obtain funding is essential to our client's success. VCC's President & CEO, Todd Shoemack, acts as a Marketing & Sales Director that gives Venture Capital Consulting clients exposure to venture capital financing sources once they have completed the first six steps in the venture readiness process.

1. Client Initiation: 15- 20 minute overview and introduction to the venture readiness process.

2. Needs Assessment: In this step the venture readiness process is organized for the client and a project timeline is created. There are two levels of need assessment: the basic needs assessment is a cursory review of the most basic areas of venture readiness for the venture capital process. The advanced needs assessment is a comprehensive analysis that evaluates every mission critical area of the business to facilitate a venture business strategy as part of the venture capital process.

3. Action Plan: The action plan is a roadmap detailing the areas that require specific deliverables. Those deliverables are determined during the needs assessment.

4. Strategy Building: Creation and execution of business strategy, marketing concepts, sales strategy, financial objectives, board development, organizational structure, and strengthening industry partner relationships for the establishment of a venture business strategy.

5. Image & Content Creation: Facilitate the process of branding inclusive of marketing materials, presentation materials, logo development, web development, concept development.

6. Presentation Polishing: Because the presentation to a venture capital financing source is a critical component to success, Venture Capital Consulting uses its resources to enhance presentation skills. Enhancement of presentation skills include tailoring content, speaking techniques, learning to read an audience,   highlight key personnel, and eloquently and accurately summarizing the business concept(s) according to the appropriate venture funding source criteria.

7. Present: When necessary, Venture Capital Consulting can act as a resource to our clients to make presentations to venture capitalists or outside investors.

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