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Venture Capital Consulting Pricing




Venture Capital Consulting Pricing

Our fee schedule follows our process. At Venture Capital Consulting, we recognize that growing a business and preparing it for venture financing can be costly in addition to normal operating expenses. As a result we have a modular fee schedule. Our fees are broken down by service and coincide with particular stages of the venture readiness process.

Initiation Fee $395

Basic Needs Assessment $1,995 (Co. Structure, Valuation, Legal Documents, Management Overview) Maximum 5 hours

Comprehensive Needs Assessment $3,995 (All of basic plus Accounting Systems, IT Systems, Organizational Structure, 90 day plan) Maximum 15 hours - extended value with the premier package because you get 5 hours free.

Strategy Building - Based on the needs assessment an hourly fee is applied. The strategic direction of the company is determined in this stage.
Branding - Based on the needs assessment an hourly fee is applied with investment analysis and definition of a business growth strategy for the venture capital process..

Presentation Polishing - Based on the needs assessment an hourly fee is applied.
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